P.A.S. Export & Silo Co., Ltd. has been established since 1986  by Mr. Boonchai Pornamnueysub. More than 30 years our company
which has known as “Sornthong “ Crushing Factory has brought a new technology in crushing process from Europe  to produce high quality soybean oil and soybean meal to serve client satisfactions under the international scopes of best quality , hygiene , safety and environment reservation.

Factory  Capacities
1. Solvent  Extraction  Capacity  1,000  Tons  per  day
2. Refinery                                 Capacity  200       Tons  per  day
3. Full Fat Soy                       Capacity  150       Tons  per  day

Within the international standards such as 
ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001,  TIS18001, HALAL, KOSHER, GHP& HACCP.

P.A.S. Export & Silo Co., Ltd.’s C.E.O.
  • Mrs. Chaweewan Saesue, President
  • Mr. Krit Pornamnueysub, Managing Director
  • Mr. Krisda Pornamnueysub, Assistant Managing Director
  • Ms. Kulruedee Pornamnueysub, Director